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Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area advances, protects and promotes the rights of communities of color, immigrants and refugees - with a specific focus on low income communities and a long-standing commitment to African-Americans - by leveraging the power of the private bar to support direct service, impact litigation and policy advocacy legal strategies.

We Believe:

  • Equal access to justice depends on access to quality legal services
  • Neither race nor immigration status should affect a person's success or failure
  • To achieve a more just society, the playing field needs to be leveled and the vulnerable need protection
  • Injustice must be rooted out
  • The true needs of the community must be central to any litigation or advocacy agenda

The Staff and Board of Lawyers' Committee are committed to these principles of social justice that guide our work, and we greatly value the pro bono partners, volunteers, members, and financial supporters of Lawyers' Committee who make this work possible.

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